MY LITTLE PONY PROJECT 2012 opening pt 1

so last night i went to opening for the my little pony project 2012 at TAG on melrose with tori and natasha. it was unbelievable how many people showed up, there was a line all the way at the end of the block! i’m a big tard when it comes to taking photos at these events because i always forget to bring my camera, forget to charge the battery, or something stupid. but luckily, i had my camera ready and was ready to snap a few photos!

i always look forward to seeing what yume and michelle (bubblepunch) made/wearing! here they are as nightmare moon and princess celestia. they look amazing!!

oh haii amy and natasha! xoxo



madoka kinoshita



64 Colors


Shojono Tomo

Mark Mothersbaugh

Mark Mothersbaugh


Miss Kika


Caro’s awesome diy bedazzled my little pony heels!

vintage ponies! wish i still had mine from when i was a kid!

i didn’t get to snap photos of every single pony and get a few of the artist names because it was so packed inside and i was afraid i was sweating my eyebrows off. but part two will have photos of paintings, friends and more! stay tuned!


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