Traci Lords in John Waters’ Cry-Baby (1990)

friends who selfie together are forever ☁️💖☁️

follow @thewartoys and go download their single “the room” on WARTOYS.BANDCAMP.COM #thewartoys #wartoys #theroom


silly bb #mcm @thewartoys ❤️


tinybows perguntou 30, Jul de 2014
i've been following you since barely anyone was on myspace and i think you are fantastic and i support you as long as you keep being you

thank you lovely xoxox


Luna Lovebad by mecolor pencils/flowers scan.

Anonymous perguntou 30, Jul de 2014
why you sad?

i miss my boyfriend

Anonymous perguntou 30, Jul de 2014
if you ever did escort work id pay a shitload for you to suck my dick

ill keep that in mine when i start my new life as a prostitute

Anonymous perguntou 30, Jul de 2014
It's so ridiculous how back in time when you were Izzy Hilton everybody said you were going to end up being a prostitute... And now look at yourself, showing the tits on a webcam chatroom; and whatever, answer this in a "sassy" and "fierce" way, but we all know who is going to be the street walker very soon.

showing the tits

🔘 @deandri

andjelinafox perguntou 29, Jul de 2014
That anon had it twisted, it's actually a big dick, and he couldn't handle it anyway~


Anonymous perguntou 29, Jul de 2014
Chick with a small dick. I C U grrrrrrl

you say that like its a bad thing. 

Anonymous perguntou 29, Jul de 2014
you're fucking rude. people look up to you. they're inspired by you. and you fucking shoot them down with asshole comments. get over yourself. and also, you don't know shit about what spencer would put up with/deal with for the person he loves. you didn't even know him as an adult. you have no fucking clue what kind of man he's grown into.

you mad bitch? go get yr man then hunneh

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